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Cesspool cleaning

Cesspools are common here in Maui, particularly in older homes. They're the original form of waste management in the region. Cesspools are generally just holes in the dirt capped by a cement cover. They require pumping, so don't neglect them - call us!

Cesspools require a balance of waste coming in and leaching out. If you are overflowing, what has changed? Have more people moved in, or is a toilet leaking? Or perhaps the cesspool is not leaching as fast as it used to. Give us a call to talk options.

Come see why our clients have stuck with us for years - some for more than a decade!

Turn to the pumping experts to care for your system. We'll help solve your problems and maintain your cesspool. Call us now for a 24/7 response!

Cesspool covers will have an access plug in the center of them. We can help to locate this cover if needed.

Let us care for your cesspool:


Call us in to maintain your cesspool

What's going wrong?

Keep your system healthy

Preparing for our visit

Turn to the local experts to maintain your cesspool

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