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Grease traps protect your plumbing from nasty grease that would clog it up and cause serious problems. But who protects your grease trap? When you trust Suck Em Up Pumping, you won't have to worry. Regular maintenance means avoiding costly issues!

Other companies can't pressure wash interior trap walls or jet lines - but we can. That means better protection from back-ups and disastrous overflows!

No company is more responsive to its customers! We're available 24/7 for your convenience.

Maintain your grease trap and save big

Your needs will depend on the size of your grease trap and the use you get. Your County Inspector will decide how frequently you have to call us in.

If you contract with us for grease trap cleaning, you'll get FREE cooking oil pick-ups as part of the deal. All the oil we pick up is recycled, and we can handle any quantity, so call us now!

Come see why we're trusted by the best:


Protect your space

We've got the power

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Get FREE cooking oil pick-up

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